I joined ISTerre Laboratory, Grenoble, France in October 2019 as an IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement) researcher!

Research Interests. My research focuses on applied maths and computer science, and more particularly machine learning techniques for natural hazards, solid earth and climate informatics. My previous research also included medical image analysis, machine learning for cardiac personalisation and inverse problems.

Looking for a post-doc, PhD or M2 internship? If you want to work on machine learning for natural hazards applications, using satellite images, seismic and/or GPS signals, contact me. I am often looking for motivated students, either computer scientists wanting to work on impactful problems, or nerdy geoscientists!

Master 2 internship postion opened for spring 2024! I am looking for candidates for a internship position on Segmentation of fault scarps from satellite imaging: more information

I joined the editorial board of the new open-access journal Environmental Data Science: EDS is dedicated to the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science to enhance our understanding of the environment, and to address climate change.


My full resume is available here. (might not be up-to-date)